• Documentation, assessment, protection & management of Aboriginal cultural heritage.

    Understanding & documenting the traditional use of cultural landscapes.

    Land rehabilitation, restoration & planning through traditional ecological knowledge.

  • Taking the needs & aspirations of the Aboriginal Community into account.

    Dedicated & experienced heritage professionals & archeologists.

    Making a difference to Aboriginal communities & ensuring sustainable development.

Tocomwall Cultural Heritage Consultants

Tocomwall is an Aboriginal cultural heritage consultancy firm that provides archeological, ecological and cultural heritage services across Australia.

We assist our clients achieve Aboriginal cultural heritage management outcomes that are:

  • in compliance with State and Federal Requirements
  • both practical and cost-effective to adopt and implement
  • in accord with the ethics and the pragmatics of the principles of ecologically sustainable development
  • culturally appropriate and sensitive to Aboriginal community needs and aspirations
  • and that address the rights and responsibilities encompassed within the term “intergenerational equity”

We are reliable, thorough, knowledgeable and achieve the best possible outcomes for all stakeholders. We provide services in a broad range of land use, resource planning and development contexts including:

  • Road and rail infrastructure projects
  • Mine and mine related Infrastructure developments
  • Property planning and biodiversity conservation projects
  • Residential and commercial subdivisions
  • Mine rehabilitation and remediation projects

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